Hi everyone I want to talk to you about pet food:

 I have come up with a 5 paw food, with no hidden ingredients in it. ALL it’s ingredients is human quality. So if your children have been known to share the dogs food, as discussing  as it is, it won’t hurt them.

 The shipping is $8.85 for up to 15 bags not per bag!!!

 They have in Business since 1999 and have NEVER had a recall!!!!

They are a holistic pet food company that has chosen to direct ship their products to the public rather than through the pet stores.  They do this on purpose.  Their product formulator is a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Jane Bicks.  She’s a holistic veterinarian and has 30 plus years of expertise in the pet food industry.  She’s worked with a lot of major pet companies in the past but left them years ago because they went the way of economics rather than better nutrition.

Dr. Jane realized that most pet foods get spoiled and damaged by the fact that they are sold through stores.  The industry average for pet foods to sit around is 6 months to a year.

So they bypass pet food stores altogether and ship the freshest product in the industry right to people’s homes.  Their products are also all natural.  Most pet foods are made from what’s been rejected for people.  People like to call their pets their children, but I guarantee they would never feed commercial pet foods to their actual children.  When people discover their products, they usually stick with them for life because they produce genuine results, and they do a good job at educating the customer.  In fact, 70% of their customers are on a regular auto shipment.

If you would like to give it a try just visit WWW.LIFESABUNDANCE.COM/chiokerhodesians  to place your order.

 Thank you for taking the time to read something I’m so passionate about.

Something my dogs get every day is Nu-Vet so I thought I would share that with you too!


Nu vet plus is all natural.
Good for animals with and without allergies. They also make Nu joint for dogs and cats that have sore joints, great for growing puppies and older dogs. My dogs are on it for life and they love the taste.

The 1st time I tried Nu-Vet it was on Jack, my old rescue Dobbie, he had cataracts and within a week they started fading and his coat was shining like a puppy again. I'll never be without it!



To order call Nu vet Labs 1(800)474-7044

or click on the link below.

Thank you for telling us about Life's Abundance and Nu-Vet Plus. Since we were buying it for Blake, we decided to start our chihuahuas on both of them too. Our male, Throttle, was always scratching, more than usual for a dog and no matter what we tried, no help. Not really sure when it stopped but we were just talking one day and I was like, have you noticed that Throttle isn't scratching anymore. Not sure which one did it but thank you!!